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How do you make your resume stand out from the crowd?

4 tips to help your resume stand out

Having shortlisted thousands of resumes during my time as a recruiter for the Department of Defence and the mining industry, I wanted to share some tips that I use to help my clients stand out and gets them to interviews.

  1. Tailor your resume. Highlight your relevant work experience that matches the job description. It may take extra time to edit your resume every time you apply for a role, but the additional work can make all the difference. For example, if a role is looking for “workshop facilitation” experience and you have that skill, make sure you use those exact words in your resume.

  2. Focus on your work experience. Make sure your work experience section is the focus of your resume. Ensure it corresponds to the requirements of the specific role you are applying for.

  3. Keep it simple. When it comes to formatting your resume, stick to standard fonts, no tables and avoid pictures or logos. Focus on your work experience and skills. You can demonstrate your personality and creativity throughout the interview process.

  4. Proofread. Check your resume for spelling and grammatical errors—and then check it again. Mistakes make a bad first impression about the effort you would give to the job.

Many roles have flexibility in terms of the skills and experience required. Even if the role you applied for is not the perfect fit, often recruiters are looking for core attributes that lead to successful matches.

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