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  • Do you have an express service?
    If you are in a rush, I can prioritise your document for a shorter turnaround by implementing my express service.
  • What is the turnaround time for a resume and standard cover letter?
    Once I receive your information, I will review my schedule and advise you of my commencement date. As a general guideline, you will receive the first draft of your resume within five business days, excluding weekends and public holidays
  • Why shouldn't I write my own resume?
    Writing a resume for yourself can be challenging as you need to be concise and comprehensive. You may not have a good understanding of appropriate formatting to ensure your resume will comply with the requirements of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) while ensuring your resume is keyword rich to be shortlisted. The real benefit of utilising my services is knowledge and experience of the recruiting industry and I genuinely care about your needs. I will help you think differently by addressing your mindset and focussing on your achievements.
  • What format do you provide the documents in?
    Your resume and cover letters will be emailed to you in PDF and editable Microsoft Word format.
  • Can I make changes to the resume you create?
    Absolutely and I encourage this! Your resume will form a solid base for future updates. I encourage my clients to update their resume even when they are not actively looking for work. If you write down your accomplishments, new systems you use etc as they happen, you’ll be better prepared when you decide to look for a new role. Of course, if you want some help with updates, you can always come back to me.
  • Why do I need a cover letter?
    Cover letters are a great way to build alignment between your skills and experience and your interest in the employer and their role. Employers want candidates who have chosen them therefore it is important you tailor your cover letter for each role you are applying for and not sending out generic ones. Your cover letter is your opportunity to tell the employer why you would like to work for them and what you have to offer. Many employers simply don’t shortlist applications without cover letters.
  • What is your Privacy Policy?
    I collect a range of personal information from you in order to create your resume, cover letters or LinkedIn profiles. I treat this information in the strictest confidence. I will never share your information with anyone, for any reason. Please click here for my privacy policy.
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