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Defence Spouse and Partner Assistance

How I can help you with the Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP)
funding initiative for ADF Spouses ?


As a military spouse (and an ex-serving member) myself — I understand the challenging and unique lifestyle we have, which sometimes employers, colleagues, friends and family just don’t understand.

The moving every 18 months or three years if you're lucky, changing jobs, and having difficulties finding work in your new location.

As an experience recruiter I know how to highlight the benefits of hiring an Australian Defence Force (ADF) spouse/partner – you are organised, adaptable, can work well under pressure and most of all resilient.


I have partnered my employment services alongside with Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS) who offer the Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP) funding initiatives. These amazing initiatives are focussed on assisting ADF partners with the difficulties of finding employment. Covid-19 has lifted the usual restrictions and spouses can apply at ANY time regardless of how long they've been in their current location and not just upon posting time! Eligible partners of ADF personnel can also apply when the member is relocated on posting or medically transitioning. And yes this is at EACH and EVERY posting!

I have assisted a large number of PEAP recipients Australia wide with their resumes, confidence, job application documents, and coaching. Being a defence spouse for the past 22 years, I understand the challenges firsthand. A career that often takes second place with the need to find employment every posting round. Nothing beats my PEAP clients obtaining employment prior to their upcoming posting, alleviating so much stress and time - one of my most rewarding parts of my business.


Funding can be applied for up to $1500 to access the following employment-related initiatives:

  • Mandatory fees for professional re-registration required under legislation (does not count towards the PEAP $1500 funding);

  • Professional employment services include:​​

    • Development of a personalised resume and/or resume coaching

    • Job search techniques and strategies and job seeking tips

    • Identification of transferrable skills

    • Development of an online employment profile (Seek and LinkedIn)

    • Confidence coaching while job seeking

    • Development of applications (tailored cover letters) and selection criteria (coaching provided if required)

    • Preparation and presentation coaching for interviews


I understand the delays that can occur when accessing services funded by government organisations - hence I won't make you wait until the PEAP payment is made - I will commence your services on receipt of your approval for urgent assistance.


Please note: Sorted by Kath is in no way affiliated with DMFS or the Partner Employment Assistance Program – I understand your lifestyle and the unique challenges that come along with it, and have amended my business processes to be convenient for PEAP applicants.

For more information about Defence Member and Family Support and how to apply for PEAP funding, please click here:

Contact me today to obtain a no-obligation, PEAP application friendly quote for my services.    

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